Courage or mid-life Crisis?

I have a personal project that I’m intent on achieving this year that is either courageous or the consequence of a mid-life crisis. Probably both. But first, some context…

I’m turning 50 in September. I’m not unhappy with that fact but it does lead me to reflect deeply on the significance of being a half century old, and most likely past the middle of my life.  Both my father and his mother died within 15 years of the 50-year milestone. I am proudly and decisively much healthier than either of them were at my age but I’m still cognizant that my genetics may conspire against me and that days are numbered.

It’s also Canada’s 150th birthday and I was born on Canada’s Centennial year. I feel a deep personal connection to Canada’s sesquicentennial, perhaps in recognition that Canada and I are both middle-aged. I feel compelled to celebrate these significant milestones with an ambitious journey.

And so I intend to circumnavigate the province of Nova Scotia by sea kayak, including portaging the Isthmus of Chignecto, all by human power. It’s a trip I’ve conceived of for more than a year and I’m really going to do it!  The distance is approximately 900 nautical miles — 1665 km. That almost 40% larger than all of Ireland, which lots of people have rushed around and made a big deal of.

After I complete the trip, I’m going to immediately challenge the BCU 5* award. But that’s another story…


  1. I see it as practice and preparation meeting opportunity. It sounds like it will be quite the adventure. I look forward to watching and hearing more!

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