Wilderness camping in Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia offers a wealth of wilderness camping areas, many of which are situated along the Atlantic coast.

Through my search for eligible coastal camping spots for my trip around the province, I’ve discovered an awesome resource that will help me identify them. I recently had the opportunity to meet with the Protected Areas and Ecosystems policy & program coordinator at Nova Scotia’s Environment Department. I learned about Nova Scotia’s protected areas as we explored many corners of the province through the online interactive map:


The map provides details of existing, proposed, and planned parks, protected areas, and provincial crown land. “Protected areas” is a broad concept, inclusive of federal and provincial parks, wildlife areas, and nature preserves. It turns out that 12.4% of Nova Scotia land is protected:

  • Wilderness areas – generally large areas that protect nature and support a variety of uses including wilderness recreation, hunting, sports fishing, trapping, and (often) camping
  • Nature reserves – specialized areas with unique or rare species or features and the highest level of protection; used primarily for education and research, camping is typically prohibited unless explicitly permitted
  • Provincial parks and reserves – support a wide range of outdoor recreation, nature-based education, and tourism

To find out more about Nova Scotia’s protected areas, read the Parks and Protected Areas plan:

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