The Nova Scotia Nature Trust

I’m excited to announce that I’m working with the Nova Scotia Nature Trust. During my trip around the province this summer, I’ll be sharing stories through social media about the importance of land conservation. I’m also raising donations for the Nature Trust to help make conservation happen in Nova Scotia. My fundraising goal is $5,000 — just a hundred dollars for each day of the trip.

70% of Nova Scotia land and 85% of its coastline is privately owned. That includes the islands, rivers, lakes, wetlands, and forests. Unlike much of Canada, where considerable proportions of land are protected and managed by federal and provincial governments, Nova Scotia relies on private land owners and charities like the Nature Trust to be stewards of our natural heritage.

Sea kayakers need coastline to launch and land and sources of fresh drinking water to support journeying. The animal and plant life that we experience on our coastal trips — some of it endangered — relies on critical terrestrial habitat.

The Nova Scotia Nature Trust is working hard to protect our province’s unique natural legacy. The work they do resonates with me. And sea kayakers, we often benefit directly from their accomplishments like Rogues Roost and the 100 Wild Islands. They need and deserve our support.

If you’re a boater. If you’re a coastal hiker. If you’re a birder. If you’re a Nova Scotian. If you love visiting our province. You should care about the Nova Scotia Nature Trust and the work they do.

I invite you to join me in supporting the Nova Scotia Nature Trust.

Support the Nova Scotia Nature Trust

Help me reach my $5,000 fundraising target during my trip around Nova Scotia.

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