Protected Place: Rogues Roost

The first day of our trip, we traveled through Rogues Roost to spend the night at East Coast Outfitters in Lower Prospect.

On Nova Scotia’s south shore near Prospect, the secluded Rogues Roost was as much a renowned hiding place by rum runners nearly a century ago as it is as a “hurricane hole” by international sailors today. Considered one of the best anchorages in Nova Scotia, Rogues Roost is primarily undeveloped Crown land surrounding Roost Pond, which was privately owned.

This largely untouched coastal wilderness includes 22 island and 18 km of shoreline that outlines 1200 hectare of rocky coastal barrens and coves. It provides vital habitat for the endangered species including Harlequin Duck, Common Eider, and mainland moose.

Commencing in June 2015, the Nova Scotia Nature Trust undertook a multi-stage conservation effort to protect an important unprotected inholding at the heart of this vast wilderness. The Nature Trust purchased the Roost Pond property, 12-hectares of privately-owned land that was the catalyst to protecting the entire area. The owner, who recognized and valued the wild nature of the property and the broader potential, sold the property at a fair market value, far less than they could have attracted by sale internationally.

In December 2015 the Province designated the surrounding provincially-owned lands as a provincial Wilderness Area. This whole area will now remain wild, forever.




Photo credit: Ed Martin


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