What’s in the Bag: Comfort Kit

A complete group first aid kit is an essential bit of kit for longer journeys in the wilderness. But for most day trips I feel confident with a smaller bit of baggage that I call the Comfort Kit. I bring this kit on longer trips as well so I don’t have to pull out and dig through the full monty merely to treat a minor nick.

The Comfort Kit has everything I need to deal with most small urgencies and a couple of serious emergencies as well. For the most part, I rely on this kit for small bandages, pain medications, splinter treatment, and tick removal. It’s also got an EPI pen and antihistamine‎ to deal with more serious surprises.

The case itself is as purposely selected as the contents. The wide opening lid of the Pelican case allows me to see and access all of the contents without having to dig through something deep like a dry bag. I typically stow the kit in my day hatch where I have ready access, even whilst on the water. And in case you’re wondering, the ear plugs are included for the rare cases that someone needs to share a tent or room with me. Be warned: I’m a terrible snorer.

Container: Pelican™ 1120 Small PROTECTOR CASE™

Comfort Kit contents1-annotatedKit Contents
1 Benadryl / Antihistamine‎
2. Epinephrine pen
3. Alcohol swabs
4. Antibiotic ointment
5. Tick remover
6. Tweezers
7. Safety pins
8. Muscle relaxant
9. Waterproof first aid tape
10. Triangular bandage
11. Scissors
12. New Skin
13. Non-prescription pain relievers
14. Water purification tablets
15. Cough drops
16. Ear plugs
17. Assorted bandages

Assorted BandagesComfort Kit contents2-annotated
A. Larger-sized sterile pads
B. Knuckle bandages (there’s nothing that fits quite right on a knuckle)
C. Fingertip bandages (there’s nothing that fits quite right on the tip of a finger)
D. “Nexcare” waterproof bandages (these are my absolutely favourite general-purpose bandages)
E. “Moleskin” blister bandages

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