Paddlers Fitness Program launched!

Today we launched “Between the Seasons”, a fitness program for paddlers to improve their fitness during the less active winter months. I’ve created this program with my friend, Ben Costigan, owner of Core Essentials Fitness Studio in downtown Dartmouth, Nova Scotia.

I’ve been working with Ben as my personal trainer for nearly two years and I’ve learned a lot from him through that experience. As part of my learning journey, I wanted to design and launch my own fitness program for paddlers. Most of the people Ben works with come into his gym on a regular basis but most of the kayakers I know live outside of the city and many are well outside the city. So when I conceived of this program, I knew that remote participation and self-directed practice had to be key ingredients.

The objectives of the program are:

  • Improve your physical fitness between the paddling seasons
  • Focus on the special requirements of paddlers
  • Offer a balanced approach towards mobility, strength, and endurance
  • Work together as a team for encouragement and accountability

Ben and I were strongly aligned on the value of face-to-face engagement up front, which I am now convinced is essential for crafting an informed personalized training plan. Fortunately, through years of experience as a computer executive with vastly distributed engineering teams and customers, I have cultivated tools and methods for managing remote teams.

And so the structure of the program took shape:

  • 15 weeks from January 7 to April 22, 2017
  • 3 workshops at Core Essentials Fitness Studio in downtown Dartmouth
  • Individual objective setting and personalized workout plans
  • Train 2-3 days a week at home or at your local gym
  • Stay in touch via a private Facebook group for regular check-ins and Q&A

We just completed our first workshop today and will craft personalized training plans for each of our participants. The plans take into account their baseline fitness, goals, and equipment available at home and/or their local gym. Stay tuned for updates on the program!

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