Protected Place: Farley’s Ark

Ed Martin and I are in the vicinity of Farley’s Ark today, having crossed from Canso to Cape Breton yesterday.

My funding drive for the Nova Scotia Nature trust is progressing well! Thanks to everyone who has contributed so far. For everyone else, please help me support the Nature Trust.

Canadian writer, environmentalist, and officer of the Order of Canada, Farley Mowat, loved Nova Scotia. For 30 years, he and his wife Claire spent their summers here on their River Bourgeois property along the coast of St. Peter’s Bay in Cape Breton.

In 2007, Farley and Claire donated their 200-acre property to the Nova Scotia Nature Trust to preserve it from being developed or destroyed. The ecologically diverse site provides coastal, woodland, and fen habitats to a variety of birds, marine species, and other wildlife. It’s a piece of paradise on earth.




Photo of Farley and Claire Mowat credited to Scott Munn.


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