Protected Place: Bald Islands

The Tusket Islands are a favourite playground for sea kayakers because of the tidal current that flows these waters as the sea floods and ebbs in the Bay of Fundy. And at the outer edge of the Tuskets are the group of Bald Islands, which were among the collection of islands donated to the Nova Scotia Nature Trust in 2016 by the Nova Scotia Bird Society.

The Bald Islands are home to Common Eider, Herring, Great Black-backed Gulls, Black Guillemot, Double Crested Cormorants, and Leach’s Storm Petrels. Roseate Terns historically nested on the island. Now on Canada’s endangered species list, their numbers have been dramatically declining in Atlantic Canada and the Northeastern United States.

Outer Bald Island has a particularly interesting history. American industrial lobbyist and sports fisherman, Russel Arundel, bought the property in 1945 and formed the now defunct micronation called the Principality of Outer Baldonia. With its own currency and passports, the charter defined that citizenship was exclusive to men.





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