Spotlight: The Nova Scotia Nature Trust

Protecting Nova Scotia’s natural legacy, before it is too late.

Time is running out! Every day, important natural areas are being subdivided, roaded, developed and changed irreversibly. The future of wild and beautiful places that Nova Scotians have enjoyed for generations can no longer be taken for granted. Our unique natural legacy is at risk.

Our province is blessed with stunning coastal vistas, beautiful forests, and serene waterways, which support a rich diversity of plant and animal species. Yet, Nova Scotians face a unique conservation challenge. Seventy percent of all land, including over eighty-five percent of our coast, is privately owned.

Many of our most unique natural areas are threatened from the last remaining old growth forests, lakeshores, and rivers to critical habitats for nationally and globally endangered species. These private lands face increasing and unprecedented development pressures, making the Nature Trust’s work to conserve private land more important than ever. Together, we can protect our most special places.

The Nova Scotia Nature Trust is a land trust conservation charity dedicated to saving the wild places that Nova Scotians love. We are the only Nova Scotian organization focused exclusively on protecting outstanding natural areas through private land conservation.

The Nature Trust has protected over 78 conservation sites including over 10,000 acres of Nova Scotia’s most special places. Protected… forever. We have established a highly successful land protection program that permanently secures land through donation, bequest and purchase, and conservation agreements with landowners passionate about protecting nature on their land for generations to come. And through a network of passionate volunteers, our highly active land stewardship program ensures long-term care of our protected lands.

Your support is critical to preserving Nova Scotia’s natural legacy while we still can. Please help me in supporting the Nova Scotia Nature Trust through by making a donation… today.

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