Hi folks,

I care very deeply about conserving Nova Scotia’s wild spaces.

Nova Scotia’s coastal environment is awesome. Punctuated by a modest number of cities, towns, and villages, much of Nova Scotia remains wild. This untamed character is what compelled me to move from Ottawa to the coastal village of Hubbards in 1998 when I declared Nova Scotia my chosen home. Kayaking lets me connect intimately with this dynamic edge between land and sea where I value the stunning landscape, the ecological biodiversity, availability of fresh water for drinking, and access to camping spots.

The Nova Scotia Nature Trust is working hard to protect Nova Scotia’s unique natural legacy, from the last great coastal wilderness areas to species at risk of extinction. Grounded by a foundation of conservation science, the Nature Trust focuses its efforts around several major campaigns with significant reach and impact. They help in big ways where it’s needed the most.

I invite you to join me in supporting the Nova Scotia Nature Trust.


Find out more about the Nova Scotia Nature Trust. Learn about current conservations projects and campaigns. Check out conservation lands protected by the Nature Trust.

A donation through this secure page goes automatically and directly to the Nature Trust. I don’t track any personal details or credit card information.